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A Century Of Memories

By July 28, 2016March 23rd, 2021Blog


If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know that we publish Resident Interviews every month – where we “interview” residents of Bethany Retirement Living and learn about their lives growing up, historical events that happened in their lifetime and their insight into living at either Bethany on University or Bethany on 42nd.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Helene Sandvig, a resident of Bethany on University with over a century of history to share. Helen was born the same year the Titanic sunk – in 1912.

Some stories Helene shared were about her time as a school teacher in a little one-room country school. Helen reminisced about arriving to her classroom on a horse-drawn sleigh in the winter, and starting the fire to heat up the little classroom for her students.

Helen also discussed her very special, unique tie to Bethany Retirement Living – a story that took place more than half a century ago.

We don’t want to give the whole story away, so stay tuned for a “Back to School” edition coming your way on our Facebook page in mid-August!


Source: Bethany Blog