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Assisted Living Made Easy

By February 26, 2018March 23rd, 2021Blog
Bethany Retirement Living

Deciding when to transition from living at home to an assisted living community can be a stressful and emotional time. Often, loved ones may not know the signs that signal it’s time to make that transition. Our staff at Bethany Retirement Living are experts at helping ease the transition for both seniors and their loved ones.

Joyce Linnerud Fowler, Senior Executive of Housing and Assisted Living at Bethany Retirement Living, explains the benefits of choosing Assisted Living. “Assisted Living offers so much in terms of convenience, social opportunities, safety, etc. It truly is a great option for seniors, who simply do not want to live alone anymore, are tired of (or don’t want to) prepare meals, are looking for new personal relationships.”

Bethany Retirement Living offers two Assisted Living locations in Fargo: Bethany on University and Bethany on 42nd. Bethany Retirement Living offers various amenities that will help ease the transition and make our facilities feel like home.

Your Assisted Living services can be customized to meet your unique needs and can be re-evaluated and altered as necessary. Both locations offer a full continuum of care, meaning Transitional Care, Skilled Nursing Care, and Assisted Living. Bethany on 42nd also offers Bethany Grace Pointe Apartments, while Bethany on University offers Basic Care. “By having that full continuum of care, as a resident’s needs change, we are prepared to serve the resident in the community they call “home” in a setting that best meets their unique individual needs,” explains Joyce.

All of the amenities offered at Bethany Retirement Living means that the life of a resident is unique to that person. “Residents choose meal packages or take advantage of the ‘42nd Street Diner’ or the ‘University Grille’ (coming soon to Bethany on University). They participate in events offered at their discretion,” said Joyce. Events are available for every interest, such as cards, games, guest speakers, lunch out, shopping trips, or trips to the casino.  “Residents lives are their own to enjoy as they wish, whether it be spending time with friends and family, with new neighbors or participating in Bethany events, there is a host of choices all unique to the person.”

We know that Assisted Living can create financial stress, and that’s why Bethany Retirement Living is committed to providing services to get the most value possible. Joyce also mentioned that Bethany offers Basic Care and accepts ND Medical Assistance payments. “If you or your loved one are worried about how you could afford to live at Bethany, Basic Care is a wonderful option. The rate includes resident personal and nursing care, three meals and three snacks each day, housekeeping, and all of the same social and special events we offer at Bethany!”

We are always asking and working on ways to improve the lives of our residents, not just by meeting needs but by addressing what people really want. Bethany Retirement Living is committed to personalized care that evolves with you, so you can reside, relax, and rehab in a community voted “Best Retirement Community” in the Red River Valley seven years in a row!