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Named Best in the Red River Valley in SIX Categories!


The “Endings & Beginnings” program is a six-week educational and support opportunity for family members and friends who have a loved one with dementia.

The program is designed to create an environment where family members and nursing home staff can share their knowledge about caregiving and reduce ambiguity about caregiving roles in the nursing home.

“Endings & Beginnings” also provides family members with educational topics relating to the needs of people with dementia and approaches used to meet those needs.

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Session #2
Session #3
Session #4
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Session #6

A support and educational program for family members who have a loved one with dementia who resides in a nursing home.

Watch Here for details about the Fall 2024 Session!

  • There is no cost to attend the “Endings & Beginnings” Program
  • Registration is necessary to arrange for proper distancing and snacks
  • Vaccination/Booster STRONGLY encouraged 
  • South Conference Room, Bethany on University
  • 201 University Drive S, Fargo, ND 58103
  • Tuesday Nights 5:15 – 7:15pm

If you are interested in attending this program, contact:

Laura Enderson, LBSW at 701-478-8848 or email at
Bailey Lohman, RN, at 701-239-3565 or


Comments From Previous Sessions:

“I thought this support group was amazing. It answered more questions than I knew I had.”

“Excellent program. I’ve learned so much and appreciate the fact this is available to the public”

“It was informative for me and it put me more at ease when visiting."

“I can’t say enough good things about this support program. You have made the journey much easier!”