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Named Best in the Red River Valley in SIX Categories!

Bethany Retirement Living: Named Best in the Red River Valley in 6 Categories!

By November 25, 2023Awards, Blog, News
Exciting News from Bethany Retirement Living: Named Best in the Red River Valley in Six Categories! Plus, an Exclusive Interview with Grant Richardson.

We are thrilled to announce that Bethany Retirement Living has been recognized as the Best in the Red River Valley, in not just one or two, but six categories! We won awards in Best Medical Facility, Physical Rehab Facility, Customer Service in Health & Wellness, Customer Service in Family & Community, Large Company Over 50, and Non-Profit. This incredible achievement showcases our commitment to providing top-notch care to our wonderful residents. To top it off, we took second place in Best Retirement Living Community. We are humbled and honored to be recognized for our exceptional services.

If you’re interested in learning more about our journey and what sets us apart, we invite you to read the full interview with Grant Richardson, our Senior Executive for Development and Community Relations. Grant shares insightful details about our dedication to the well-being of our residents. It’s a truly inspiring read!


How does it feel to win, year after year?

It’s nice to be acknowledged and recognized for simply doing what we do every day. Plus, it validates the hard work our employees do to take great care of those who live at Bethany.

What makes what you do special to customers/residents/patients?

We genuinely strive for quality in countless ways. Day in and day out, we focus on – and measure – customer service. Doing so affects our residents and patients and their families from their admission to their discharge.

How does your business support this community?

Bethany is a large employer, providing income for more than 800 families who in turn support the economy of the region. We support several organizations that have missions that are parallel to ours such as HERO, Alzheimer’s Association and others. We recognize the contributions have made to our community through the annual Senior of the Year awards program.

What sets you apart from competitors?

This community is blessed with many good senior care providers. Bethany is one of the few that offers a full continuum of residential and care options. Our consistent focus on quality and customer service has resulted in local, regional and national awards. We are gratified that the care our employees provide is noticed by others.

What’s new for your business?

Bethany Retirement Living has been serving the senior population in the area since 1939. To have done so requires that we continually grow and adapt to the needs of the growing senior community.

What makes your team the best? Why do employees choose you?

Across the board, our employees love working together and coming to work to take care of our patients and residents. As an organization, we recognize that our most important customers are our residents AND our employees. One of our team members said it best, “Bethany takes care of us so we can take care of our residents.”

What do you get the most compliments on?

The awards speak for themselves; to have won Best Customer Service in two areas tells the story. We pay close attention to doing the little things. We – and our individual employees – are often recognized for their personal touch in Pinnacle Customer Service interviews with residents and family members.

How do you plan on defending your title next year?

We approach each year the same; we encourage our customers – residents, patients, families, and employees – to support us if they feel we deserve it.

What’s the most memorable moment from the past year for you and your team?

This has been the first year of post-COVID. It’s been great to be able to return to something close to normal, to resume activities like our picnics, music programs and bonfires.

How do you want your residents to feel when they come to you?

While we recognize this isn’t the same as where they came from, we want them to feel welcomed to their new home – whether it’s for a short stay or a longer period. We want them to feel like they are part of an extended family of people who care for them and want the best for them.

Do you have any events or big dates you want people to know about?

Our annual Senior of the Year awards event is scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity for people in our area to acknowledge the contributions of those who have made this area such a great place to live. We are awed every year by the amazing stories of our nominees.

As a nonprofit, how can people best help Bethany Retirement Living?

We seek the community’s support in three ways: make referrals of prospective residents and employees, share the positive message that Bethany provides great service to seniors, and provide charitable giving to support our mission “to provide living opportunities in a senior community shaped by Christian values.”