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It’s Healthy to Worship

By July 26, 2018March 23rd, 2021Blog

Attending a weekly worship service is essential for many individuals. Spiritual care is an integral component of the holistic care provided at Bethany Retirement Living. No matter the stage of health the resident is in, attending a church service, small group worship session, or Bible study encourages them to participate in something that is positive and uplifting. Having an optimistic attitude can help residents cope with illness and/or disability, improve relationships, and improve health outcomes. When using religious coping mechanisms, individuals are less likely to develop depression or anxiety.

No matter the denomination, there is a service available for all residents. While Pastor Phil, Chaplain at Bethany Retirement Living, is ordained in the Lutheran church, he believes “our Lord is larger than any particular denomination.” The culture of the congregation is a heart-warming experience because all denominations gather together in the unity of Christ.

Many of the staff at Bethany have seen the outstanding pastoral care greatly improve the lives of residents and their loved ones. The beauty of the pastoral care offered at Bethany is the acceptance of anybody who wants to attend, the accommodation to residents’ preferences, and the passion Pastor Phil and the rest of the staff have to make the residents feel comfortable. Bethany Retirement Living is devoted to fulfilling their mission of providing living opportunities in a senior community shaped by Christian values. Read more about the Pastoral Care services offered here: