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Memory Care Experts

By October 9, 2018March 23rd, 2021Blog

Watching a loved one deteriorate due to dementia and memory loss can be devastating, not only for the memory-loss victim but also for family members and caregivers alike. Bethany Retirement Living strives to be the experts in the field of memory care and has been doing so for decades. We offer a 48-bed facility dedicated to serving those suffering from all types of dementia. Our staff is extensively educated to serve those suffering from memory loss, and they work diligently to keep the staff consistent for the residents. So while the residents may not always remember the staff, the Bethany staff becomes so familiar with the residents, they know their preferences and individual needs. Staying abreast of the latest care techniques allows Bethany to provide the best quality of care to residents. 

Knowing your beloved family member is getting the best care possible is a requirement when it’s time to move into a memory care facility. Knowing what to look for is key to finding the best fit for your loved one. The staff at Bethany focus on giving residents stability and structure, as change can be hard for those struggling with memory loss. By providing activities that focus on our residents’ strengths, we keep their brains stimulated, thus decreasing anxiety, depression, and other negative reactions. These positive activities help increase feelings of belonging, higher self-esteem, and can improve appetite and sleeping patterns. Offering this kind of therapeutic programming can also decrease the use of psychotropic medications and improves the interactions with family and friends. We ask families to provide us a background of their loved one so we get to know their likes and dislikes, their normal routine and activities from prior to their memory-loss progression. Families will often provide a “Memory Book,” allowing residents to look through and enjoy memories from earlier in their lives. We have many types of programs for residents, including music entertainment, church services, baking activities, and meals. This allows residents to take part in the activities they have always enjoyed in a safe and secure environment. Bethany also prides itself on minimizing the use of medications through other types of homeopathic remedies like aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is used in all of the common areas, and a variety of blends are used that meet individual needs.

Stability is a key component in the lives of memory care residents and understanding the stages of progression are vital in giving a loved one the best care possible, as early as possible. Understanding the level of care your loved one will need can help with the decision of placing a loved one in a memory care unit. When memory-loss sufferers are repeatedly moved from one location to another, they often have a hard time transitioning. It’s helpful to know that the earlier a move is made to a Memory Care Unit (MCU), the easier it is on the individual suffering from dementia. The transition from a lesser level of care to a MCU is often most difficult on the families. Often families say they wish they had made the move sooner. Bethany provides families with ongoing education on what to expect as the memory loss progresses and the benefits of a MCU to the patient. 

When you and your loved one are ready, tour the MCU to know you are making the best decision. Bethany is ready to help families cope with changes as well, through a support group called Endings and Beginnings. The group is open to family members from Bethany, and also to others in the community who are living with dementia as family members and caregivers. The program has been extremely successful and uplifting, to have a safe place to share stories and know they aren’t alone. Being the expert in the field means sharing our expertise, and expanding our expertise so everyone can benefit.