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Named Best in the Red River Valley in SIX Categories!

One Step at a Time

By June 25, 2019March 23rd, 2021Blog

We choose to celebrate every milestone that residents reach at Bethany Retirement Living. Today, we would like to celebrate June Vangerud as she has displayed extreme perseverance and determination through her journey at Bethany. When June first arrived at Bethany for care, she was unable to even perform simple exercises like walking. As she began her personalized physical therapy process at Bethany, she began  to regain her strength slowly and was eventually transferred to a general unit. By the end of May, she was strong enough to walk with a walk out of her unit and into the Gables Assisted Living, where she and her husband, Tom, have found their new home.

June’s family has been a part of Bethany Retirement Living’s rich history for many years. Not only have previous generations of her family resided at Bethany, but many members of her family have volunteered, donated, and served on the Board at Bethany.

Stories like these are what fills our hearts here at Bethany. We love to see residents become stronger and reach new heights through our programs and therapy. We strive to assist each and every resident that comes through our doors and enable them to live their best life at Bethany.