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Therapy: Occupational, Physical, & Speech

By May 27, 2021Blog

At Bethany Retirement Living, we know that nobody plans to get injured or need assistance, however, it’s a relief to know that the region’s premier Transitional Care Unit (TCU) welcomes you with open arms when you need it the most. Short stay options at both the skilled nursing and assisted living levels of care give you the flexibility to address your specific needs in the most appropriate setting.

At Bethany, we offer a variety of therapy services, and with more than a dozen years of experience, our team of professionals provides expertise in a wide range of specialties! From occupational and physical therapy to speech therapy – our TCU teams are dedicated to helping you heal, restore your strength, and re-establish your independence.

We believe that every patient deserves the time and quality care needed to help you recover from a hospitalization or rehabilitate your injuries. We pride ourselves in putting you first.

Every individual is unique. Every situation is different. This is why we have created customizable treatment plans tailored to fit your needs. 

Occupational Therapy

Every form of therapy ultimately comes with an end goal of getting you back to where you were before the injury or, better yet, even stronger than you were before. The primary goal, specifically for occupational therapy, is to help you develop strength and adapt to your condition. With the right treatment plan, occupational therapy can make everyday activities easier while improving your overall quality of life. 

These services can help you enhance skills such as walking, talking, eating, cleaning and any other activities limited by a condition or injury. 

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services focus on our patients and developing a personalized treatment plan for every individual to ensure you receive the relief you need. Our licensed Physical Therapists help you regain function and mobility after an injury or illness. 

These services are designed to help you reach your highest individual physical potential and help you regain your strength, both physically and mentally.

Speech Therapy 

The ability to communicate can become vital for patients. With our distinctive speech therapy services, we strive to increase functional communication, cognitive skills, and teach safe swallowing techniques. 

We are able to achieve this by addressing the different cognitive and dysphagia issues contributing to your ability to safely return to your previous functioning level, then implementing a plan to help you regain those abilities.
Bethany Retirement Living is committed to our residents and patients at every stage of their healthcare journey. Experience for yourself our commitment, we will always strive to provide living opportunities in a senior community shaped by Christian values!